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Specialized Services

By keeping a diverse set of real estate holdings, we offer renters a wide variety of tenancy opportunities. Knowing that different situations require different rental settings, we maintain a broad range of properties to account for all different needs. Sims Realty specializes in the following Texas property types:


  • Single Homes

  • Family Homes

  • Duplex Units

  • Triplex Units

  • Fourplex Rentals


By keeping a focus on these property categories, we give families the opportunity to access safe, livable, and affordable spaces to call home. With such a diverse range of locations, we enable tenants with challenged credit histories to access quality rentals at prices they can afford. 


As a full-service business, Sims Realty keeps a focus on acquisitions and management. This means we constantly gain new properties and opportunities for investors while maintaining our existing real estate to the highest standard of excellence. 


Ensuring that investors get the maximum value from their holdings, we offer comprehensive tenant screening to ensure a steady income stream. Dealing with both commercial and residential properties, we enable investors to securely enter the real estate arena with the assistance of an experienced and qualified Texas firm: Sims Realty. 


Strategic Investment Made Simple: Sims Realty Investment makes managing Texas real estate easier than ever. Our model has significant advantages for both renters and investors, including a stable income stream and quality living arrangements. Discover the benefits for yourself - contact us today! 

Investment Opportunities 

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